Dear Patients,


As I am still only able to work part-time and do not have space for everyone wishing to come to the clinic, here are some fellow practitioners in the greater Portland area that I would recommend. Some of them are my past instructors and some of them are my peers (and friends) from when I went to school at OCOM. I hope you can find someone on this list that fits your needs!


Take care,


Yuqing’s past instructors (very experienced practitioners):

Dr. Fang Zhang and Dr. Zhaoxue Lu at Pearl Acupuncture and Wellness Center

Phone: 503-227-9898

Address: 1125 NW 9th Avenue, Suite 107B, Portland, OR 97209


Dr. Robert Kaneko at Rose City Park Acupuncture

Phone: 503-287-9889

Address: 3024 NE 63rd Ave. Portland OR 97213


Dr. Zhenbo Li at Lotus Acupuncture and Fertility Clinic

Phone: (360) 984-6489

Address: 513 N Morrison Rd, Vancouver WA, 98664


Dr. Haosheng Zhang at Haosheng Acupuncture Clinic

Phone: 503-238-0606 

Address:  4160 SE Division Street, Portland, OR


Dr. Guangying Zhou and Dr. Youping Qin at Golden Needle Acupuncture Clinic

Phone: 503-323-0453

Address: 2274 NW Raleigh St., Portland, OR 97210


Yuqing’s peers (in practice ~4-5 years)

Arianne Keller at Luminous Life Acupuncture

Phone: 503-665-6860

Address: 109 N Main Ave, Suite 201, Gresham, Oregon 97030


Allie Machen at Vela Wellness

Phone: 503-406-6487

Address: 7319 N. John Avenue, Portland, OR 97203



Danielle Reghi at Zen Space

Phone: 503-281-0681

Address: 4927 NE 30th Ave, Portland, OR 97211



Emily Bartha at Turning Pointe Acu

Phone: 971-302-7039

Address: 5105 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97215



Jennifer Moody at Winding Willow Acupuncture

Phone: 503-914-2747

Address: 1540 SE Clinton St, Portland, OR 97202



Patrick Gazzini and Amber Reding at Hillsboro Wellness

Phone: 503-844-4325

Address: 5035 NE Elam Young Pkwy. Suite 500, Hillsboro, OR 97124